A Navy is largely dependent upon skilled manpower. Proficient officers and sailors are one of the pillars of a Navy. Hence it is said that Navies usually lack men more than they lack ships. Trained manpower of sufficient quality for modern naval operations is scarce commodity the world over. Thus its price tends to increase at a higher rate than other commodities with the rapid advent of technology.

Since a ship at sea is a distant world in herself, the Navy places great power, responsibility and trust in the hands of officers who command. The leadership onboard is the art of directing the thoughts, plans and actions of the crew to attain a common goal, by creating the will to do their utmost in order to maintain the fighting ability of the ship. These officers are called upon to operate independently and the success of their mission and the lives of all onboard depend upon their leadership.

In this context, the words ‘Officer’ and ‘Gentleman’ are synonymous where the Navy is concerned. A naval officer lives by a strong and rigid code which governs his conduct at all times. He is extremely professional, honest and the guiding principle of an officer’s life is based on the rule that his integrity should always be beyond doubt.


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